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Cannabis Oil Has Become a Popular Choice

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil has become a popular choice of alternative medication. It has been covered by numerous scientific studies and free will experimentation to potentially be an effective modern treatment choice for a variety of health related issues.

Ingredients are extracted from the budding leaves of the female marijuana plant to create a cannabis oil. The known concerns seem to be based on the possibility of temporary cognitive impairment and the implications of long term effects.

According to the warnings provided by the pharmacy along with your medication, which is required by law, these concerns should be geared with the same fervor toward any medicine prescribed.

Choosing which medicine is the best for your condition is a difficult task. There are always pro’s and cons to weigh up. It seems that almost every pharmaceutical development has side effects equal to or surpassing its potential to heal or provide treatment for the diagnosis it was manufactured for.

The media attacks FDA approved prescription medication everyday with testimonials, fatalities, studies and statistics supporting their claim.

Prescription drugs do more harm than good – Daily Utah Chronicle

Physicians continue to prescribe these medications in spite of the negative attention. They adamantly stand behind the positive intentions of the drugs they prescribe. To be fair, there are scientific facts supporting their stance.

There are also facts supporting the positive healing results of cannabis oil in reports compiled by physicians dedicated to regulate the use of the treatment.

Crohn’s disease is an IBD, which stands for inflammatory bowel disease. Cannabis oil has been proven to reduce the inflammation in the lining of the digestive tract. This results in decreasing the severe abdominal pain that many Crohn’s patients experience.

Medical Marijuana Study Reveals “Complete Remission” of Crohn’s Disease
15 Year Old Treats Crohn’s Disease With Cannabis & Gets His Life Back | Collective-Evolution

Parkinson’s is a brain neurological disease that affects your motor skills. After some time, the individual is not able to perform any of their basic activities of daily living. Although not considered a cure, it has been known to decrease the pain levels and intensity of the muscle spasms associated with the disease.

Parkinson’s Disease and Cannabis Oil – YouTube
Parkinson’s Disease And The Potential Of Cannabis Therapy – Reset.me

Research has been conducted on young children suffering from Dravet Syndrome, an epileptic disease. Cannabis Oil has proven to have decreased their seizures significantly.

The case for medical marijuana in epilepsy. – PubMed – NCBI

Additional Facts

There are legal requirements that need to be met before being able to obtain Cannabis Oil:

  • Your state must be permitted by the FDA for distribution or use.
  • You must get certified by a physician specializing in canniboid treatment.
  • You must register with your state health agency to obtain a medical marijuana card.
  • You must select a registered dispensary in your area: Search or Browse for Doctors
  • Cannabis oil is starting to become available online at places like Bridgetown Botanicals in most states as a tincture, spray, topical or capsules.

Guide to using medical cannabis – Americans for Safe Access

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