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The Most Popular & Effective Nootropic Supplements

An interesting class of over-the-counter medications is nootropics. These are sometimes called smart drugs or smart supplements due to their enhancement of cognitive function. The studies that have been done thus far show that these are promising to treat a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease. People who are interested in finding ways to boost their focus and mental clarity have discovered that this group of drugs can be quite beneficial.


This particular nootropic is good for treating depression and anxiety. The mood enhancement from it minimizes pain and creates a mild level of euphoria. Those who use it have an increased focus and ability to accomplish tasks, something that can be helpful to those with ADHD. It is available in pill and powdered form. Studies have shown that it can minimize the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal as well.


This chemical falls into the racetams group and may diminish signs of early dementia. Additionally, this medication, which was first created in the mid-1960’s, can provide an emotional boost to those with anxiety and depression. It provides an increased ability to learn and retain information long-term. One of the benefits associated with Piracetam is the reduction of free radicals in the brain. While these are harmful anywhere in the body, an excess of them in the brain creates oxidative stress, a precursor to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Similar to Piracetam, Noopept is a powerful nootropic chemical that can be effective at lower doses than Piracetam. It provides a boost to cognitive functioning and may benefit those with certain types of brain trauma to recover faster. It works well as a mood enhancer for those with disorders such as PTSD, depression and chronic stress. Use allows people to focus on tasks. Along with improved concentration, it works well as a memory enhancement aid. This is a good choice for students or others who are attempting to learn and retain new information.


This particular nootropic has been around since the 1970’s, when it was first created in a Belgium laboratory. Many report that this nootropic is really helpful for learning, particularly minor details within a lesson. The enhanced ability to concentrate is good for most, particularly people with ADHD or other issues that hamper their ability to focus. This not only makes learning better, it can also benefit people who are reading, writing or even having a conversation. Not only does this ability reduce anxiety, the supplement itself counteracts mood imbalances.

Nootropics are able to cross the blood-brain barrier, giving them the ability to work quickly and effectively. In particular, dopamine and serotonin are more readily available in the brain for those who take these supplements. While serotonin and dopamine are naturally present in the human body, some have low levels, or are unable to use it properly. This class of supplements increases action at the chemical receptor sites, increasing mood stabilization and the ability rest properly. Along with enhanced mental functioning and clarity, the effects from these supplements is quite incredible!

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